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A consultation in person or over the phone is always complimentary. It is an opportunity for you and your wedding officiant to get to know each other and discuss your wedding plans. Whether your plans are traditional, short and simple or something in-between, we will deliver a beautiful ceremony that will be a cherished memory for you both. 

Wedding Packages

We offer several wedding packages to suite your needs.

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How do we get our Marriage License?

Applying for a Marriage License

All persons proposing to be joined in marriage must first obtain a marriage license. Marriage license applications may be applied for at any town or city clerks’ office in the state. For more information on how to obtain a Marriage license in your state select from the following:



      New Hampshire

What is the Cost for the Officiant?

Wedding officiants are experts in crafting a beautiful, personal ceremony for you and your spouse-to ­be. And yup, that does cost money. But, especially if you’re having a short ceremony from a time perspective, you might be wondering why officiants cost what they do. Well, turns out that there’s a lot more that goes into officiating a wedding than just showing up on the day of and officiating—seriously, a lot.

Where do we Begin to Write our Vows?

No worries, your officiant will help with your vows. When you meet, your officiant  will offer many suggestions ideas on where to begin. You may choose for a traditional vow or write your own. This is where your officiant shines with offering many suggestions to make this your own personal message to each other.

The Ceremony - Where do we Begin?

There are many online sites that offer great ideas. Here are a few to get you started.



Pinterest Weddings

Wedding Wire

How Do I Change My Name?

A big concern for new brides. Although your name is on your marriage license this does not mean your name is changed on other documents i.e. Social Security, Drivers License etc. 

Getting Remarried - What Do We Need ?

If this is not the first time you are walking down the aisle here are all the loose ends you will need to tie up before obtaining a new marriage license.  There are legal documents you must bring with you when going for your marriage license.